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How we help you ?


HAVET & VANHUFFEL – Avocats mainly focusses on helping their clients (individuals, natural or legal persons and public authorities), and defending them within the frame of entrusted cases in court, the State Council and the Constitutional Court, and exclusively in the treated subjects.

Apart from the management of litigation cases, the law firm also assists its clients in monitoring administrative procedures and in the context of internal administrative remedy.

Advice and assistance

HAVET & VANHUFFEL – Avocats advises real estate professionals (entrepreneurs, promoter, and industrialists) but also private individuals from the beginning of their projects’ developing phase and helps the economic actors with their decision making as well as with the daily management of their activities. The law firm assists its clients on legal and administrative aspects.

The law firm also advises and supports public authorities in the context of the drafting of regulations or other related administrative acts.

Scientific activities

All members of HAVET & VANHUFFEL - Avocats are engaged in a scientific activity which allows them to maintain an optimal level of knowledge of the matters dealt with.

The members lecture within the framework of symposiums and conferences and publish on the subjects of planning and environment.

Many of them hold or have held university appointments.
Dans le cadre de ses activités, le cabinet entend privilégier une approche proactive et pragmatique des questions qui lui sont soumises.

Within the frame of those activities, the law firm wants to promote a proactive and pragmatic approach of the matters submitted to it. In order to do so, the lawyers promote the legal and strategic framework of real estate projects entrusted to them and work closely with stakeholders (particularly offices for design and architecture) as well as with the concerned authorities.

To insure an efficient case management the law firm wants to create a strong partnership with its clients. Whether or not a case turns out to be successful depends to a significant part on the quality of the collaboration and mutual trust.


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