Cabinet HAVET & VANHUFFEL – Avocats


For the sake of transparency, the way of calculating the costs and fees is known before the beginning of the intervention.
The billing is done monthly or bi-monthly, based on the work performed.
This procedure allows a strong partnership based on trust.



In the context of case managment, HAVET & VANHUFFEL - Avocats charges an hourly rate varies between 140.00€ and 190.00€.

Administrative costs are fixed at 10% of fees, excluding travel (mileage - 0.5 euros / kilometer) and court fees (quotation fees, registry fees ... - billed at cost).

Fees and charges are increased by 21% of VAT.

This solution can be amended and it is possible, in the interest of the client, to agree on the modalities adapted to the each case.




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