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In order to fully assist our clients, both in Belgium and abroad, we are part of
made up of law firms specializing in environmental and real estate matters, which develop the same working methods
and defend the values ​​that underpin our association., an acronym for Environment, Architecture, Real estate, Territorial and Housing Lawfirms Network, is a collaborative European network of leading independent law firms offering in their country, in environmental and urban planning matters as well as real estate, individualized, practical and high-quality legal advice and services in a national, cross-border and European context. provides its members with the experience of more than 50 lawyers who are experts in environmental law, town planning and real estate located in 4 different countries. They share ideas, information, experiences and contacts in order to increase the legal value of their intervention for their respective clients but also to advise and assist them quickly and effectively, whatever the legal complexity of the case, the urgency of the the situation and location of the property.