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Environmental law

Environmental law

Environmental law has a very large scope of application and covers all regulations that pertain to environmental protection.

Environmental law traditionally includes a “general” component that covers the following regulations:

  • environmental authorisationsrequired prior to commencing an activity regarded as “classified” due to its theoretical impact on the environment (environmental declarations, environmental permits, unique permits);
  • evaluation of environmental impact;
  • public access to information, public participation in the decision-making process, public access to legal recourse;
  • the investigation and prosecution of environmental crime;
  • environmental liability.

This component of the regulations also applies to all the other so-called “sectorial” branches of environmental law that concern particular sectors of environmental law, including:

  • protection of air; 
  • protection of water;
  • protection of soil;
  • waste processing;
  • preservation of animal well-being.

These environmental law sectors constitute the “special” component of environmental law and are each the subject of particular regulations.